My name is Alicia Schmitt, I am an Iowa farm mom, agriculture advocate, chef of the Schmitt farm, and aspiring traveler.


Women In Ag: Taking Care of Pig-Ness

Just like every day on our farm, we’ve been taking care of pig-ness (business), but the things that are happening on our farm only come around three times a year. It takes extra time and work to ensure everything goes right and our pigs stay healthy. On our farm, we have started loading out pigs from our barns. On our operation, when our pigs reach a certain weight (260 pounds or more), we start to load them onto trucks so they can go to the processing plant. About once or twice a week, we have the trucks come to load out the biggest pigs we have until our buildings are empty.


Women In Ag: Our Rural Postman

Our rural postman is like a quiet soldier, always going above and beyond his job duties and bringing our family our mail in all of Iowa's unpredictable weather.


Women In Ag: Our Gravel Road

Roads are so alluring. There are so many of them, and they
can lead you to any address on our continent. They are majestic, endless, and
timeless. Oh, the stories they could tell if they talked. Roads are such an
important part of our society and way of life. If I had to start a country over
from scratch, a road system would be one of the first items on my agenda. We all
live near roads that lead right to our own personal address.


Women In Ag: Real or Fake?

I have a question for you. Do you prefer real or fake?
Christmas trees that is. I grew up with purchasing real Christmas trees from
our local tree farm. It wasn’t until I got to high school I realized that tree
farms were actual farms too! I LOVE my real, full, fragrant, and imperfect
trees that we get each year.

Here are a few reasons why we purchase real trees each year:


Women In Ag: Top 10 Reasons Halloween Is the Best for a Farm Kid

Halloween means something different when you live in the
country. Those lucky ducks that live in town have it good on this holiday, or
do they? Growing up, our night often included making the 15-mile rush home (if
it landed on a weeknight) to get our costumes on to prepare for the night, and
then making the 15-mile rush back to town. We were always full of anticipation
because we never felt obligated to go to any one particular neighborhood in
town, or even the city we decided to visit that night. So putting a list


Women In Ag: Finding Gratitude in Solitude

I feel like our lives bring us so many different seasons, seasons
of change, growth, prosperity, and even sometimes loss. Our lives and character
are defined by these seasons that we go through; some may come just once and
others multiple times. Being grateful
for the things we have and the people in our lives keeps us grounded
and reminds us of who we are. Lately, I’ve been feeling less significant, and less
of a contributor to my family. My role has changed, and it hasn’t been an easy transition,


10 Things 4-H Taught Me That Sports Couldn't

Every year the first week of October marks National 4-H Week. This week is a national celebration of the government's youth organization that serves over 1 million youths across our country. These youth are diving into programs developed by many educators and volunteers who dedicate their lives to improving the learning and growth of our nation's youth. This program brags some pretty amazing stats and outcomes of youth that stick with 4-H until graduation. 


Women In Ag: I Never Thought I'd Grow Up to Be a Pig Farmer

I didn’t grow up a pig farmer . . .  I grew up on a cattle and row-crop farm in
north-central Iowa. When I met my husband in 4-H, I knew his family raised pigs.
They have a farrow-to-finish operation, yet I was in high school, and it never
crossed my mind that if I were to marry this guy, I would one day be raising
pigs. I guess I was more concerned about date nights and prom dresses. Many
years later, and after college, I came to face the fact that I may become a pig


Women In Ag: Fall Recipe Roundup Apple Bourbon & Dijon Pork Chops

This fall, your Women In Ag bloggers are doing a recipe
round-up featuring recipes from the commodities that each of us grow. What
better time to feature the bounties of our harvest through a round-up
featuring foods we grow on our farms across this great nation. For the next six
weeks, you will see recipes including dairy, corn, turkey, beef, and pork. One
commodity will be featured each week. Enjoy, and happy fall, everyone!