Successful Farming intern


Farm policy & farmland ownership

Is policy the answer to the many questions posed by today's struggling economy?

Dr. Barry Flinchbaugh is positive on the economy in general, but says something needs to be done soon, if not now.

“The American economy is growing at 3%. In an historical context, it’s certainly not good. But then again, neither are we going negative,” says Flinchbaugh, a longtime Kansas State University ag economist and farm policy author and analyst.

Steel-wheeled Beasts

These tractors were big, having lots of power and gusto. Here are some true power houses. (text by Dave Mowitz)


Ag student group creates social media plan

Social media once again is taking center stage as an effective way to communicate for an agricultural group. Animal Agriculture Alliance’s advocacy scholarship program, College Aggies Online (CAO), is going to not only share their stories within their organization, but to the entire nation as well.