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New Lender for Farmers who Rent

If you rent more land than you own, you may struggle to get traditional financing in 2019 due to light balance sheets. There is a new lender that wants to work with you.

Farmland for Sale Jumps Up 21%

“Some sellers are thinking that there is more downside risk in land prices than upside potential, so for them, now is the time to sell.”

John Howard’s Deep Run Roots

John Howard, 77, has built his family’s farming enterprises from humble beginnings in tobacco growing to becoming a powerhouse in pork production, row-crop farming, and more.


How Clemens Changed the Pig Business

When 123-year-old Clemens Food Group partnered with 12 independent hog farmers to build a new packing plant in Michigan in 2017, a new era for pork processing was born.