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No Silver Bullet for Pigweed, Waterhemp Control in Corn

Ah, the good old days . . . when glyphosate alone could provide effective weed control on waterhemp and palmer amaranth (both commonly called pigweeds). Not only have these weeds developed resistance to glyphosate, but they also show resistance to products with ALS, triazine, PPO, and HPPD modes of action.

So what's left? Curtis Thompson, weed specialist at Kansas State University, says glyphosate still works on many weed species and should still be in the sprayer tank, provided you use additional modes of action that will work on pigweed. 


Is Your Wheat Crop Ready for Winter?

Wheat plants can rapidly unharden when soil temperatures at the depth of the crown get above 50 degrees, although they re-harden as crown temperatures cool below 50 degrees again.


No-till on the Plains sets Winter Conference

The 2015 theme is "Unlocking the Potential on Your Farm," and is intended to help farmers with basic concepts and principles, plus help farmers in advanced no-till systems to evaluate soil health, grazing opportunities and cover crops.


Tough Times Ahead for Grain Farmers

Grain farmers have had an unprecedented run of good fortune the past decade. High commodity prices and excellent corn and soybean yields have fueled record exports, which, in turn, have propped up farm balance sheets all over the U.S.