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Power Plays: Landowner Rights vs. Eminent Domain

Individual property ownership rights are engraved into the bedrock of this country. So is the government’s power of eminent domain (the taking of private property for a greater public purpose). It was invoked more than a century ago, when the transcontinen


Taking It to the Bank

Ag lenders focus on the dual challenges of meeting the growing needs of farmers at a time of banking industry consolidation and tighter regulations.


Reviving Old Recipes

Making favorite family recipes creates a lasting connection between the dearly departed and generations to come.


Urgent Need to Calculate Costs of Soil Erosion

Over the years, however, I’ve noticed that some farmers are losing their reverence for the soil. The soil on the snow in a roadside ditch this winter is a stark reminder of the losing proposition confronting U.S. agriculture. Water quality and nutrient ma