General Mills to Label GMOs

One of the largest US food companies, General Mills, said it will begin labeling foods that contain genetically modified ingredients.

USDA Projects Big Crops, Big Stocks, and Low Prices

This week, the USDA held its annual Ag Outlook Forum in Arlington, Virginia and released its first crop balance sheet projections for 2016. What did the USDA's data say? More corn than ever, lower farm exports, low crop prices, and potential for consolidat


Drop in Farm Income May Lead to Ag Consolidation

The third year in a row of low farm income will intensify financial strain on producers and could lead to some agricultural consolidation, said economist Nathan Kauffman of the Kansas City Federal Reserve Bank. "2016 is a critical year," he said, for opera


USDA: U.S. Corn Stocks To Reach 12-Year High

WASHINGTON - U.S. farmers will harvest 13.825 billion bushels of corn and 3.810 billion bushels of soybeans - the third-largest crops ever for corn and soybeans - pushing U.S. supplies to record levels and continuing the decline in commodity prices for a fourth year, said the Agriculture Department on Friday. 

The corn crop would be 2 percent larger than last year and soybeans 3 percent smaller.


U.S. Farm Exports to Be Smallest in Six Years, USDA Says

U.S. farm exports will tumble to $125 billion this year, down 10% from 2015 and the lowest sales total since 2010, USDA said in an updated forecast. Smaller sales to China accounts for one-third of the estimated decline of $14.7 billion in U.S. exports fro


Brazil is Heading for 100 Million Tonnes of Soybeans

With the soybean harvest getting under way in Brazil, analysts are getting a clearer picture of whether the forecast record-setting crop will hit the century mark of 100 million tonnes despite hot and dry weather in Mato Grosso and northeastern Brazil as p


Upside Down Gasoline, Ethanol Prices

Wholesale gasoline prices dropped to around $1 a gallon (the lowest price in more than a decade) last month, as crude oil prices continued to slide lower. Gasoline prices have fallen so precipitously that they have run below the price of corn ethanol, ord


Slump In Commodity Prices Pulls Down Farm Belt Land Values

Farm bankers across the Midwest and Plains say that the persistent slump in crop and livestock prices pulled down farmland prices, with further declines expected through spring. The Chicago Federal Reserve Bank said land values fell by 4% in its region dur