Ask me, I'm a farmer

If you've ever doubted that farming could be the life of the party, you've never visited Lapeer County, Michigan. Consider booking your next trip there in March, during National Agriculture Week, and you'll see for yourself.

Agriculture is the second largest industry in Michigan. Yet, a growing number of rural residents don't know their farm neighbors. Lapeer County Farm Bureau members decided it was up to them to reach out and to introduce themselves.


Fair and sunny

(originally posted by Dan Looker, Business Editor)

Before the shopping mall, there was the fair -- outdoor sites for trade and revelry with a history stretching back to the Romans and medieval church feast days. America's fairs have farm roots, starting in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, in 1811. Today, those roots may need watering, so fairs are reminding visitors that beyond the rides and big-name entertainers, the fair also shows where food comes from.


Finding Common Ground

Women farmers put a friendly face on farming and food producers. 

It’s Saturday morning and Suzanne Shirbroun is at the grocery store –again. Today, instead of scanning a shopping list for husband Joe and their three sons, the Farmersburg, Iowa, farmer is scanning the faces of shoppers.

As the number of agriculture-dependent counties drops nationwide, Shirbroun and farmers Sara Ross and Jill Vander Veen have come to the West Lakes Hy-Vee in West Des Moines, Iowa, to cultivate a closer relationship with suburban and urban women.