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What’s Ahead for Agriculture Under Trump?

For the past eight years, many farmers have chaffed under what’s seen as regulatory overreach under the Obama Administration. Farm groups expect that to be pulled back after Trump was elected.


Why Crop Insurance Isn't Used More

In a study released this month, economists from USDA’s Economic Research Service show that over time, some farmers will substitute savings for insurance.


Don't Ignore Crop Insurance, Despite Lower Guarantees

Crop insurance guarantees will be below cost of production for corn and soybeans this year but some of the pain will be eased by ARC (Agriculture Risk Coverage) payments on last year’s crops that will be sizable in many Midwest counties.

That's a key takeaway from University of Illinois economists Gary Schnitkey, Nick Paulson, and Bruce Sherrick, during a webinar Tuesday. The webinar is archived on the Farmdoc website.