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Why Crop Insurance Isn't Used More

In a study released this month, economists from USDA’s Economic Research Service show that over time, some farmers will substitute savings for insurance.


Don't Ignore Crop Insurance, Despite Lower Guarantees

Crop insurance guarantees will be below cost of production for corn and soybeans this year but some of the pain will be eased by ARC (Agriculture Risk Coverage) payments on last year’s crops that will be sizable in many Midwest counties.

That's a key takeaway from University of Illinois economists Gary Schnitkey, Nick Paulson, and Bruce Sherrick, during a webinar Tuesday. The webinar is archived on the Farmdoc website.


Yield Exclusion Can Boost Your APH

If you farm in a region that’s been hammered by years of drought – or maybe too much rain – you already know that your actual production history (APH) has been falling. Because the APH is used to set the insurable value of your crop, this problem has made


Silver Linings in EPA Ruling for RFS

The EPA’s final blending mandates for biofuels announced Monday are already affecting corn ethanol and biodiesel credits that blenders trade with each other, roughly doubling the corn ethanol credit values in a week, those who track the industry said on Fr


World's Largest Cellulosic Ethanol Plant Opens in U.S.

Near Nevada, Iowa, workers hurry to bring the world’s largest cellulosic ethanol plant online next year. This activity caps years of research and work by DuPont to source a supply of corn stover from 500 farmers within 40 miles of the company’s new 30 mill