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Grains Council scrambles to answer dumping case

With only 20 days allowed to respond to a December 28
antidumping case against U.S. exports of distillers grains to China, the U.S.
Grains Council has been working around the clock to help this nation’s ethanol
industry respond, a Council staffer said Thursday.


Grassley predicts lawsuit will fail

Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA) said Tuesday that he
believes a lawsuit filed this week to challenge EPA approval of E15 in newer
cars will fail.

“I think they’re going to loose because I think the EPA
did good science in the regulations,” Grassley said.

The Environmental Protection Agency has approved 15%
ethanol blends in 2007 or newer model cars and light trucks and is expected to
approve E15 for 2001 or newer models sometime next year.


Biodiesel industry finally gets good news

The Biodiesel industry is breathing a sigh of relief
today as the compromise tax bill passed by Congress heads to the White House
for President Barack Obama’ signature. 
The law restores the $1-a-gallon biodiesel tax credit, which expired at
the end of 2009, and extends it through the end of 2011.


Farm bill funding squeeze

By now,  it’s
common wisdom that a tight federal budget is likely to make writing the next
farm  bill harder than usual.

At the Iowa Soybean Association’s annual policy meeting
Tuesday,  an experienced Washington
lobbyist, Stephen Frerichs of AgVantage, LLC,  laid out more details on just how hard it will be.


Insuring dairy

ew changes make this insurance program less expensive and more user-friendly.


Best case for ethanol credit next year: gradual phaseout

So far, Senator Chuck Grassley and other Midwestern senators
from both parties seem to have salvaged ethanol and biodiesel tax credits for
another year.

But next year they’re not expecting to maintain the status
quo, Grassley told reporters Tuesday.

“I think where we are for next year, we’re all kind of
committed to taking a new approach and the phasing out of the tax credits,”
Grassley told


How the stars aligned for ethanol

In spite of the coverage you’re seeing of angry liberals in the House and of Senator Bernie Sanders’ (I-VT) filibuster in the Senate, the Obama-congressional compromise on extending tax cuts is very likely to pass, and the new law is almost certain to continue the ethanol tax credit for another year at the current rate of 45 cents a gallon.

This strong possibility wouldn’t even exist without several breaks for the industry, says an influential member of the House, a key Senate staffer and ethanol insiders.


Ethanol lobby looks ahead

Leaders of Growth Energy, the newest of several groups
lobbying for ethanol, expressed thanks Friday for the Senate’s inclusion of a
45 cent a gallon tax credit for ethanol in a tax bill the is expected to come
up for a vote on Wednesday. And they looked ahead to passage in the House.

“First, we want to thank both President Obama and a number
of congressional champions for incuding the ethanol tax credit extensions in
the legislation,” said Tom Buis, CEO of Growth Energy.

Ethanol groups pleased with Senate bill

Groups that lobby for the ethanol industry thanked supporters in the Senate Thursday for getting a one-year extension of the 45 cent per gallon tax credit included in pending tax legislation.

Brian Jennings of the American Coalition for ethanol released this statement late Thursday: