Hot Rod 4020 finds a new home

The purchase of some lawn mower parts won a one-of-a-kind tractor for a North Carolinian. Harold Beaver's name was pluck out of thousands of entries to vie to see who would receive a customized Model 4020.

That customization was done by Chip Foose, an internationally recognized automotive designer best known for his work on custom car hot rods. The Huntington Beach, Californian’s unique style has earned him numerous industry awards.


Meaner, Cleaner, Leaner Engines

Last February, Caterpillar president Stu Levenick put impending EPA Tier 4 pollution restrictions in perspective. He said they’d caused his company to take on “the most aggressive and expensive product development initiative in Caterpillar history.”

This comes from the firm that innovated the crawler tractor.