On the scene at the 2012 Cattle Convention, Nashville


‘Stupid high’ prices don’t stop cattlemen's worries

Cattle prices have gone through the stratosphere in recent weeks, to over $1.20  a pound liveweight for market steers.  Never fear, farmers and ranchers will find things to worry about.

But at least they worry with a smile on their faces. Here are some comments heard near the registration desk at this week’s Cattle Industry Convention in Nashville.


Are you wasting soybean seed?

Farmers have historically overseeded soybean seed, primarily because it was cheap insurance. Twenty years ago, seeding costs with bin-run seed cost about $15 per acre.


Be flexible with 2012 cash rents

With the run up in commodity prices and farmland prices -- some surveys show 30% increases in just the last year -- many cash rent rates have not kept up. So how much should they go up in 2012?

"That depends entirely on where you are now and how proactive you've been in the last few years at making the necessary adjustments," says Kevin Dhuyvetter, Kansas State University farm management specialist.