On the scene at the 2012 Cattle Convention, Nashville


Guardian Angel

Gene Johnston shared his wife's story, and may have saved the life of a reader.


Divine Help Just In Time

After reading an article in Successful Farming, Noah Perry feared his wife's shoulder pain was cancer. He was right.


Stretch hay supplies, add cows, beware predictions

The easy thing to do is put a round bale in the place where you want the cows to eat and come back tomorrow and do it again. They’ll eat all they want and look fat and happy. But the reality is the more unrestricted access that animals are given to hay, the more they wind up wasting. In fact, they’ll waste about as much hay as they eat.

The hard thing to do is put that bale inside a ring, then come back eight hours later and lock cattle away from the feed. It takes more time, better fences, and a willingness to tolerate their hungry glares. But they’re not as hungry as they look.