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What Bayer is Up To With Wheat


Wheat has taken a back seat to corn and soybeans in recent years.
However, companies are placing more emphasis on wheat these days.

“Wheat is a bastion of potential improvement in yield potential,” says
Mike Deall, vice president of marketing, portfolio management for Bayer Crop
Science. Deall and other Bayer executives gave an update of their wheat
activities at the Commodity Classic earlier this year.

Here are some highlights:


What’s Up With Crop Diseases

year’s soggy weather in many locations has set the stage for future foliar
diseases this growing season. Mark Carlton, an Iowa State University Extension
agronomist, outlined the situation in Iowa at the ISU Southeast Iowa Research
Farm near Crawfordsville, earlier this month.


soybeans, watch for these foliar diseases: 

1.    Brown spot


What’s Up With Cover Crops

Cover crops have been around for a long time. Until recent
years, they prompted little interest. That’s changed.

“There is a lot of momentum for cover crops in the Midwest,”
says Jeremy Singer, research agronomist for the National Laboratory
for Agriculture and the Environment (NLAE) in Ames, Iowa.


Weather, Stock Market, Worldwide Economics Impacting Corn and Soybean Markets

“How many of you have torn up your marketing plan this
year?” asked Jim Jensen, Iowa State University (ISU) farm management
specialist, to farmers in mid-June.

Like other farmers, those who attended the ISU Southeast
Iowa Research Farm near Crawfordsville have eyed this year’s volatile markets
and are wondering what to do. 

Commodity markets, particularly corn, have strongly rallied
over the past year. So what should you do now?


Seed Treatments Help Control Nematodes in Corn and Soybeans

There’s an old gardening saying
that states:

"One for blackbird, one for
the crow, one for the cutworm, and one to grow."

If you applied that to farming,
you’d be bankrupt before year’s end. That’s particularly true in light of
rising seed costs for seed offering high-yield genetics and trait protection.


The Sound of Volunteer Corn

Remember the song How do you solve a problem like Maria from the 1965 movie The Sound of Music?

Well, if Rogers and Hammerstein were writing about growing corn, they’d write this song: How do you solve a problem like volunteer corn?

Volunteer corn is an increasing weed problem significantly impacting yields. “It is a competitive plant,” says Carroll Moseley, herbicide brand manager for Syngenta Crop Protection.


Defensive soybean genes aim at these diseases and maladies

pathogens build up quickly in a tight rotation like corn and soybeans. That’s
led seed companies like Pioneer Hi-Bred to incorporate a wide array of
defensive traits.

bean will be in the market seven to eight years,” says Paul Stephens, Pioneer
senior research director for soybean product development. “You have to have a
product that will cover different