I was raised in the city and am now married to the farm. By day I am a Marketing Specialist with the North Carolina Department of Agriculture. In the evening I am a farm wife and mother.


Social Media Connects Farmers in Times of Crisis

Scrolling through my news feed on social media, I see images of fires burning in Montana, Oregon, and other western states. I’ve seen photos and videos from Texas and Louisiana showing damage from Hurricane Harvey. Say what you want about social media, but during a time of crisis in agriculture, it is a valuable tool.

Social media allows us to share news.


Telling Our Story Through Recipes

In agriculture, we tell our story in many ways. I’d never considered one way to tell our story is through recipes our families used to make and the dishes still on our kitchen tables.


Women in Ag: Why Are Sweet Potato Beds Under Water?

Mother Nature dropped up to 10 inches of rain over parts of our state within a 36-hour period this week, causing creeks and rivers to overflow their banks. Many houses and fields along those waterways are now under water.

Sweet potatoes have been bedded in the field since the end of March. Every year, farmers bed “seed” sweet potatoes in the field. The seed potatoes will sprout, and those sprouts, or slips, will be cut and transplanted to the field in May and June. The sweet potatoes grown from those slips are harvested in the fall.