I was raised in the city and am now married to the farm. By day I am a Marketing Specialist with the North Carolina Department of Agriculture. In the evening I am a farm wife and mother.


Women In Ag: Feeding Kids in the Summer

The temperature gauge is north of 90°F. The air is thick with humidity and the buzzing of insects. Yet two ladies wait, under the stingy shade of a picnic shelter, at a community park.  

Armed with coolers full of green beans, pears, sweet potato fries, chicken sandwiches and milk, these school nutrition professionals are waiting for children to come eat lunch.

Summer vacation is often thought of as a carefree time for kids.  A time to sleep late, play with friends, and not have to worry about homework.   

Women In Ag: Thank You From My 4-Hers

We recently moved into our forever house, and I finally unpacked boxes I packed when I left my job as an Agriculture Agent with Cooperative Extension in 2009. It was like Christmas, opening boxes that had been packed for so long I didn’t know what was in them.  

There were reference books, old college textbooks, and pictures – things I wasn’t really surprised I held on to.

What I didn’t expect to find was a pile of thank-you notes from the kids I worked with in our 4-H livestock program.