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Is 'The Unofficial Start of Prevented Plant Season' Here?

Though the marketplace typically abides by the "rain makes grain" mantra, the moisture that's hit parts of the Plains and Corn Belt has limited planting and crop development progress, so much so now some farmers are weighing replant decisions and even leav


Growing Degree Days Keeping Up Despite Cool, Damp Weather -- USDA

Though Monday's USDA Crop Progress report showed another big week of planting progress, it certainly wasn't a dry week, with anywhere from .5 inch to 2 inches of rain falling through the Corn Belt and heavier amounts up to 4 inches in the Dakotas and northern Corn Belt, according to Tuesday's USDA Weekly Weather and Crop Bulletin.


Did Your Corn Get Nipped by Frost? Here's What to Look For

If you're in a potentially affected area and anticipate frost or freezing temperatures tonight, you may be chomping at the bit to drag the winter coat back out of the closet and check your fields in the morning after the sun rises and reveals what sort of