Autumn's Arrival

Some folks regard autumn as their favorite season. This time of year certainly has much to recommend: the Technicolor striptease put on by the trees, the sharp tang of ripening corn, the fat Hunter’s Moon hanging in the sky like a gigantic florescent marsh

Say Cheese!

A new cheese manufacturing plant has just commenced operations on a site located about a dozen miles from our farm. I was given an opportunity to tour this facility, an experience that was similar to visiting the engineering department of the starship Ente

Take a Pill

Which got me to thinking. There is a huge market for medications that would address some of mankind’s most annoying afflictions.

Cow Tipping

Like any good dairy farmer, I knew that cows have a multi-chambered digestive system that is more complicated than the seating arrangement at a royal wedding.

Silage Time

It’s silage chopping time, a season when corn plants are murdered en masse, their corpses disposed of in a in manner reminiscent of the wood chipper scene in the movie “Fargo.”


Football Adventures

I never played football, mainly due to my total lack of athletic abilities. However, I was able to overcome this crippling deficit and mastered the art of watching football, acquiring such critical skills as holding an open can of beer while snarfing nacho

Elk Horn Adventure

We were tooling along I-80 when my wife suddenly and randomly exited the freeway. I secretly hoped that she had perceived the growing anxiety I was experiencing due to the extra-large coffee I consumed earlier. But no.

Septic System Insurrection

All homeowners are familiar with a few inescapable truisms. Among them are “a roof never leaks when it isn’t raining,” and “the kids always choose to drink neon-red Kool-Aid the day after you install a new white carpet.”

A maxim that my wife and I experienced recently is the one that goes “it’s never a good sign when the plumber shows up with both an excavator and a jackhammer.”

Back-to-School Season

Is it just me or are summers getting shorter? It seems like it was only a few days ago that department stores were advertising their “school’s out!” sales. These were followed shortly by their “pre-pre-pre-Christmas bargain blowout bonanza!”