John Deere introduces SeedStar Mobile

In conjunction with the launch of the ExactEmerge planters and MaxEmerge 5 row units, John Deere introduces SeedStar Mobile to help producers better visualize, document, and access their planting data in real time.  The new John Deere SeedStar Mobile solution uses an iPad to provide critical planting information producers need to better monitor and document their planter performance in the field.


Planter of the Future: Multiple Hybrids and Speed

“Multi-hybrid seed technology will be the next major evolutionary change of the planter,” says Ryan Molitor of Raven. “This could potentially be one of the biggest agronomic changes we have seen with planters.”

Farm Signs

A collection of photos from the 2013 Farm Beautiful contest.


Planting Accuracy at 10 mph

Kiss 5-mph planting good-bye! While you’re at it, wave adios to your seed tubes and disks. With John Deere’s latest planter innovation, ExactEmerge, you no longer need them. The planter allows you to push planting speed to 10 mph – accurately – and not just when you see rain on the horizon.


F-150 Drops the Pounds

The 2015 F-150 is nearly 700 pounds lighter thanks to a high-strength, military-grade, aluminum-alloy body coupled with a high-strength steel frame.

Starting with the signature fully boxed frame, Ford engineers increase the use of high-strength 70,000-psi steel – from 23% to 77% - to improve stiffness and durability while reducing weight. The new frame is up to 60 pounds lighter than the current frame.