Driver-Centered Machine

"The Viking is a blast to ride on the trails, with excellent steering feedback, suspension capabilities, and engine and driveline performance,” says John Lumkes, Ag Engineering Professor at Purdue University. “If you like to have a driver-centered machine, this is one of the best choices.”


Smooth, Easy-to-Drive UTV

"The noise is well controlled on the Ranger, and many people will be happy with the easy-to-drive, bump-absorbing suspension, light steering, and large payload,” says John Lumkes, ag engineering professor at Purdue University. Evaluators also appreciate the machine’s off-road and power capabilities.

“The Ranger is a great off-road vehicle,” says Ed Meredith, evaluator at Little Goose Ranch in Sheridan, Wyoming. “It holds back well on steep downhill slopes.”

“This machine has lots of power,” adds Joe Greving, co-owner of Cedar Rapids Tire in Iowa.


A Diesel with Power Attachments

The utility vehicle market has a wide spectrum of machines from pure sport to hardcore utility. With a diesel engine, hydrostatic transmission, hydraulically powered accessories, and a large cargo capacity, the Kubota RTV X900 falls at the far end of the utility range.


Good All-Around Machine

"The 825i is a clean, simple, and easy-to-drive machine with great visibility and with the easiest ingress/egress of all the machines,” says John Lumkes, ag engineering professor at Purdue University. “It’s decently balanced between sport and utility, and a quiet engine makes this a good choice for someone looking for a good all-around machine that is easy to get into and out of.”

The importance of ingress and egress was brought up in a Machinery Talk discussion group on before the Ultimate UTV Evaluation by Successful Farming.


A True Racehorse

"One word sums up this machine: fun,” says John Lumkes, Ag Engineering Professor at Purdue University. “Whenever there was a break in the testing schedule, this was definitely the vehicle I wanted to take out and drive.”

“This is a sport utility that’s a true racehorse,” adds Dave Mowitz, Successful Farming magazine.


A UTV with Innovative Features

"Honda stepped up to the plate with the Pioneer,” says Dave Mowitz, Executive Editor at Successful Farming magazine. “It certainly performs as well as anything on the sports utility market. Thumbs up to the Pioneer’s operator platform.”


Hardworking Machine

"This could be a best buy, considering it is a diesel and a well-built, well-equipped machine,” says Dave Mowitz, Successful Farming magazine’s executive editor of machinery and technology, after taking the Bobcat 3400 for a spin during the Ultimate UTV Evaluation.

John Lumkes, ag engineering professor at Purdue University, adds, “This is a solid machine, easy to drive, relatively quiet, and with the diesel engine, it makes for a great work machine.”