The Ultimate UTV Evaluation is Back!

Six years ago, the Successful Farming team put a wide selection of ATVs and UTVs through a series of tests on Little Goose Ranch in Wyoming. This September, we are headed back to test the newest UTVs on the market!


Grain bin monitors: Money in the bank

Would you trust a bank to keep your money safe if it had a leaky roof, peeling paint, a cracked foundation, and no security system?

Of course not!

Neither should you trust a grain bin that isn’t properly sealed, secured, maintained, and monitored to shelter your profits.

Protecting your investment is easier than ever due to advancements in grain-storage monitoring systems. These new systems faithfully monitor and guard your grain.


Combine + grain cart = Tribine

The introduction of the grain cart forever changed harvesting operations across the country. Ben Dillon, an Indiana farmer, is attempting to uproot again the traditional harvesting operation by introducing the Tribine.

The Tribine unites the two historic functions of the combine (the binder and the stationary threshing machine) with a third function: the grain cart.

Concept prototype

While the Tribine is currently only a prototype, Dillon sees great potential in the concept.