Landowner-Tenant Soil Health

Landowners and farmer tenants may not have the same vision for the health of the soil. Two big reasons – knowledge and communication.

Growing Chestnuts

Looking for an alternative crop? Put in some chestnut trees. It isn’t a quick process but once they get going, it’s profitable.


Telemedicine technology can address many health care issues in rural areas. A similar approach is being developed for animal care.

On-Farm Research

New farm products, technologies and practices come out every year. The best way to wade through them is by doing your own on-farm research.

Farm Worker Wages

Some sectors of agriculture are labor-intensive with a need to hire qualified farm workers. The tightening labor market is creating higher wages.

Prune Farming

The prunes you bought at the grocery store started out as plums on a tree. This California farmer talks about the plums-to-prunes process.

Choosing A Utility Tractor

Sometimes you need a smaller tractor to handle jobs that are tough for a large machine. A utility tractor might be what you're looking for.