Judging Cattle Shows

Judging cattle in the show ring is no easy job. Meet a Missouri man who gladly rises to the challenge, and learn how he does it.

Anaplasmosis In Cattle

A cattle disease called anaplasmosis appears to be on the rise. Producers need to be aware of the signs, and how they can prevent it.

Crops And Wind Turbines

Wind turbines standing in agricultural fields are a plus for the crops growing around them. Researchers at lowa State University studied the breezy effects on plants.

Alfalfa First Cutting

Knowing when to make the first cutting of alfalfa requires a couple of things: Understand the stages of plant growth and your forage goals.

Herbicides And Inversion Layers

We usually consider wind to be the culprit of off-target chemical applications. The same thing can happen when the wind is completely still.

Well Water Sampling

Private well owners are under no obligation to test their water. However, there are certain things you should check to be sure it’s safe to drink.

Mortality Composting

Livestock mortality is part of raising animals on farms. Composting is an environmentally-sound method of handling the remains.