GMO and CRISPR technologies introduce new or altered genes in an organism. In a nutshell, here's the differences between the two.

Cow Body Condition At Calving

Adequate body condition on your cows is critical at calving time. There’s a strong link between body condition and her reproductive performance.

Corn Photosynthesis

When corn leaves take in carbon dioxide they release water at the same time. New research is studying how to hang onto more of that water.

ASF Travel Protocol

There are travel protocols in place if you visit a country that’s known to have African Swine Fever. Know what to expect when you go through customs.

Outstanding Young Farmers

Creative, sustainable, and diversified. If this describes your farm and you’re under the age of 40, you could be one of America’s outstanding young farmers.

Inscalis Insecticide

Soybean farmers have another weapon for managing soybean aphids. The EPA has approved an insecticide with a new active ingredient.

Fake Meat

Livestock producers want an even playing field with fake meat producers. Hear what the beef is on meat created in a petri dish.

Connect Americans Now

Repurposing old technology into new technology. Vacant TV channels may soon be delivering high-speed internet to rural communities.