Who's Buying The Land

Land continues to be one of the most profitable long-term investments. Farmers know that, and so do an increasing number of investors.

Cattle Lice Control

Itchy cattle are not productive cattle. Lice can spread quickly through a cattle herd and when animals are itching, they’re not eating.

Hybrid Selection For Silage

Hybrid selection of corn is a big decision for profitable production of silage on the dairy farm. It should have good tonnage and high digestibility.

Kernza Grain

A perennial forage crop for livestock makes tasty grain. Research is underway to feed this perennial grain to humans.

Farming As Medicine

Less anti-bacterial soap and more time on the farm. Learn why agriculture can make you healthier, especially kids.

Hiring on the Farm

Hiring employees on the farm can be a daunting task. As you whittle down the candidates, think about how they’ll fit long-term in your operation.