Cooking Sweet Corn

Corn on the cob is a staple food in my house during the summer. We slather it with butter and a bit of salt, and devour every kernel. I usually cook mine by boiling it. Fill a pan with enough water to cover the corn, and bring it to a boil. If it’s fresh corn, 3-to-5-minutes should do it. If it’s a few days old, it might take up to eight-minutes.

Avoiding Heat Exhaustion

As you’re working outside in the sun, don’t get overheated. If you feel yourself getting too hot, remember three words: water, rest, and shade.

Historical Women In Ag

One woman’s question of “who is growing my food” became a quest to document the forgotten history of women in agriculture.

What To Do With Unharvested Hay

Some years it’s tough to make quality hay, especially if you can’t get into the field due to soggy conditions. Here are options on what to do with it.

Radiator Fouling

Engine-cooling issues will pop up from time to time. Not a lot of people know about an elusive problem where the radiator cries foul.

Scouting For Palmer Amaranth

What is that strange weed in the bean field? You hope it’s not Palmer amaranth. Scout your fields now and get rid of it if you see it.

Weaning Piglets

Swine producers are always looking for ways to improve piglet mortality and growth rate. One solution is for the pigs to be older before you wean them.

Hand Water Pump

Remember pumping water by hand on grandma and grandpa’s farm? Hand pumps are back in style with folks off the grid or those who want a backup.