Virus-Resistant Technology

A Kansas State University professor is working on technology to combat viruses in farm crops. It would give plants a fighting chance.

Pork Powerhouses

This year’s Pork Powerhouses survey is showing a lot of expansion in the sow industry. Learn more about Betsy Freese’s exclusive report.

Al Kluis

Al Kluis comes to your home in Successful Farming magazine with advice on commodity trading. Learn more about Al and his number one tip for farmers.

Pilgrim Farming

The Thanksgiving holiday has its roots in ancient harvest festivals. For those first Pilgrims, getting a bountiful harvest was a huge endeavor.

Prevent Freezing Water Lines

Winter is hard on water pipes, especially in unheated outbuildings. Take steps now to winterize pipes, and save a lot of time, money, and headaches.

Sampling For Winter Hay

Winter is hay-feeding time. Do you know its nutritional value? The only way to know what’s in your hay is to sample it and have it analyzed.

Smart Sensors

Technology is sensing the way ahead in agriculture. Learn how smart sensors are impacting the industry now and in the future.

Bale Grazing

Spend a day or to putting hay bales out on fields for the cattle herd. Bale grazing over winter cuts down on labor, and improves the soil.

Winter Manure Spreading

It’s common practice for farmers to spread manure on fields in the winter. But doing it right depends on field topography, weather patterns, and common sense.