UV-C Disinfection

It looks like a microwave oven but instead of cooking food, it stops viruses and bacteria. This device enhances farm biosecurity.

Corn Seedling Diseases

Stressed out corn seedlings are more prone to disease. Cold, wet planting conditions favor fungal pathogens that can reduce yield.

Piglet Haven

Heat lamps could become a thing of the past. An Iowa agtech startup is now selling new technology to keep piglets warm.

Hiring Seasonal Workers

There is a labor shortage in American agriculture. Seasonal farming businesses are filling those jobs with foreign workers.

Tips For Spring Soil Sampling

The soil test is one of your most important tools in managing profitability. However, there are a few key components to getting the soil test right.

Seed Treatment Stewardship

Most farmers plant seeds that are treated with a pesticide to protect against insects and disease. Be a good steward to protect the environment.