Tire Tread Pattern

Talk to your dealer about what’s new in implement tire technology. New developments can help them last longer with less soil compaction.

Steal Deals - Row Planters

Before you shop for a used row planter, know exactly what you want. How well it’s equipped determines value more than use.

Livestock auctions

Auctions are a great place to buy livestock from cattle to llamas. You’ll see dozens of animals so put on your cowboy hat and enjoy the process.

Multi-Species Pasture Forages

Increase the productivity of your pasture by increasing the number of forage species. You’ll also have more organic matter and carbon feeding the soil.

Manure Spreader Calibration

Make sure your manure spreader is calibrated correctly. A five-gallon bucket, some tarps, and a calculator are all you need.

Lead Poisoning In Cattle

Walk through your cattle pasture and look for discarded car batteries. Cattle that lick those batteries are at risk for lead poisoning, especially young calves.

Building Farm Equity

The goal of the farm business is to build equity for the long term. Evaluate your assets and how you spend farm income.