Foot Abscesses in Cattle

Lameness is a disease challenge in feedlot cattle. One cause of lameness that often goes under-diagnosed is toe abscesses.

Farm Security

You want to be alerted if something is being fiddled with on the farm that shouldn’t be. Farm security options go from basic to high-tech.

Ag Census 2017

Coming soon to your mailbox – the Census of Agriculture. This is your opportunity to be heard and help shape the future of agriculture.

Prepping For Tax Time

Should you sell crops and cash the check in December? There are a lot of options, but it also depends on your net income and your tax situation.

Farm Data

Big data is exploding on the agriculture scene. Should you embrace the new technology? That depends on its worth to you.

Shop Tips - Nelson

Most farmers will tell you that it’s always better to build a big farm shop. These Iowa farmers built a large building with a lot of versatility.

Steal Deals - 4WD Tractors

The value of late-model four-wheel drive tractors is still soft, but prices have probably reached the bottom. You’ll find the best bargains now.

The Right to Repair

When machinery breaks down you need it fixed ASAP. Fixing it yourself could get you in legal trouble.

Virus-Resistant Technology

A Kansas State University professor is working on technology to combat viruses in farm crops. It would give plants a fighting chance.