Livestock Trailer Safety

Before you hit the road transporting livestock, give the truck and trailer a good inspection so you and your livestock have a safe ride.

Cattle Comfort Advisor

A new tool helps producers monitor weather-related stress levels on cattle. It measures the severity and duration of extreme heat or cold.

Show Animal Biosecurity

No matter what you show at the fair, whether it’s poultry or pigs, there is a risk of disease transmission. Stay tuned for tips on keeping your show animals healthy.

Swamp Buster

Draining a wetland on your farm for crop production can get you in trouble. But, there are exemptions to the law that you may not know about.

Reducing Pinkeye In Cattle

Pinkeye is a disease in cattle that’s highly contagious and can lead to blindness if it’s not treated. Learn what the signs are and how to prevent it.

Indiana Ag School

A new charter school in Indiana is merging academics and agriculture. The school is filling a need for what’s becoming a growing gap.

Do You Have Resistant Weeds?

Herbicide-resistant weeds might be getting the upper hand in your fields. Learn how to tell if your herbicide isn’t knocking them out anymore.