Nutrition For Weaned Calves

The right nutrition for weaned calves will help ensure good performance and health. Quality protein, forage, and water should be in their daily diet.

SF Podcast: Disease and Insect Challenges in 2018

What insects and diseases challenged corn and soybean growers in 2018? How can producers stay ahead of these pressures in 2019? Listen in as host Jodi Henke and Successful Farming's Crops Technology Editor, Gil Gullickson, talk about the battle against bugs and diseases.

Earn Income From Hunters

Generate extra income by renting out your woodland and grassy areas to hunters. Read on for some tips on how to set this up.

Soil My Undies

If you want to know how healthy your soil is, bury your cotton underpants and see what happens to them. I’m not kidding.

Grain Bin Safety Tips

Stay out of the grain bins while grain is being loaded or unloaded. Like quicksand, flowing grain can cover a person in seconds.

Keep Wild Fish Out Of The Pond

Fish that are stocked in farm ponds should come from a reputable source. If you transfer wild fish to your pond, you're risking disease and other problems.

Artifact Hunting On Your Land

Native Americans left behind stone tools and other artifacts that have stood the test of time. Search your land – you may be surprised at what you find.

Fall Harvest Safety

A flurry of activity, weather conditions, long hours, and large machinery combine to make the fall harvest a potentially dangerous time.

The Corn Maze Wave

The popularity of a football game tradition has found its way to a corn field. “Waves of grain” has new meaning in an Iowa corn maze.

Gravity Flow Wagon Safety

During harvest season, keep your kids off the gravity flow wagon. It’s full of grain that can tragically suck them down in seconds.