The Drought-Resilient Farm

When Mother Nature hands you a drought, fight back. A Kansas farmer and author spells out ways to have a drought-resilient farm.

First Calf Heifer Care

Calves that die at or soon after birth are often due to calving difficulty. Avoid problems by taking care of heifers before calving.

Steal Deals - Draper Headers

If you’re using an auger platform on the combine and want to upgrade, now is the time to visit your dealer and ask about a deal on a draper header.

Checking Yield Monitors

Before you start harvest, take the time to check sensors and yield monitors. Accurate yield data requires accurate calibration.

Dairy Nutrition Trends

Profit margins are slim for dairy farmers but they still make sure their cows are fed properly. Stay tuned for the latest trends in dairy nutrition.

Why Dogs Eat Strange Things

Missing a sock? Maybe the dog ate it. Dogs eat some strange things and if yours is munching its way through the laundry, find out why.

Farming Mushrooms

Gourmet mushrooms are a high-value crop that take a lot of know-how to grow. Here's how a commercial mushroom farm makes it all work.

Controlling Wind Erosion

The finest particles of soil are where the nutrients are held. If you have soil that blows in the wind, you're losing productivity.