Silo Gas Dangers

After you’ve filled the silo, stay out of it for a few weeks. The silage fermentation process builds gasses that are hazardous to your health.

How Many Cattle Equal Profit

Thinking about expanding your mid-sized cattle operation? At some point, you will have to ask yourself when enough cows are enough cows.

Xarvio Scouting App

Scouting crops for weeds and diseases is time-consuming and detailed. A new scouting app may be your best friend in the field.

Sugarcane Aphids

The sugarcane aphid is a new pest to the sorghum industry. Early detection and tolerant sorghum hybrids are the best defense.

SF Podcast: Anatomy of a Seed Treatment

When you purchase seed for the next growing season, it often comes coated with protection against insects and pathogens. Host Jodi Henke talks with Syngenta Seed Care Specialist Chad Vest about how and why seeds are treated, how to choose what treatments you need, and does seed color matter?

Ag Is Not Dead

Despite so much negativity on the farm these days, agriculture is not dead, and never will be. The world depends on it.

Centuro Nitrogen Inhibitor

There’s a new nitrification inhibitor to improve nitrogen efficiency in crops. The last EPA-approved inhibitor came out 40-years ago.

SF Podcast: Getting the Most Out of Your Combines and Corn Heads

Downed corn and wet conditions are just a few of the challenges corn farmers have this fall. Successful Farming's Jodi Henke talks with Machinery and Technology Dave Mowitz and Denny Bollig, farmer and president of Dragotec USA, about getting the most out of your combines and corn heads. Learn how to harvest downed corn, prevent ear and grain losses, and make sure your corn head is operating like a champ for the best harvest possible.