Deere unveils future at tech summit

Some of it seemed like pure fantasy. A farmer is seen managing his operation by moving icons on a large, air-borne screen in his office. Like a character in science fiction, he fathoms the weather, monitors his far-away fleet and writes agronomic prescriptions--all with a flick of the wrist. A voice informs the farmer that “row crop tractor 14 has stopped.”


Ethanol remains 'bright spot' in global economy

Global Ethanol production is expected to rise in 2012 by 1% to 22.5 billion gallons, according to a new report from the Global Renewable Fuels Alliance (GRFA).

Global annual production has now surpassed 536 million barrels of ethanol per year, the GRFA said in a statement.


Is early corn planting worth the risk?

Farmers who were able to plant corn early this spring could see a big benefit come pollination time, according to a new report released this week by The Climate Corporation. But the advantages of early planting are likely to be sharply divided between the eastern and western Corn Belt. And in large parts of the region, planting super early may not be worth the risk.


Blue-ribbon hay

A veteran hay contest judge gives tips on what to look for in a winning package.


Team declares success with leafy spurge control

A group of researchers and land managers who created a team effort to control leafy spurge in the U.S. have claimed a victory in controlling a species that had been regarded as "the most feared land invader in the West."


Rice growers address arsenic concerns

The California Rice Commission (CRC) and individual growers are addressing recent reports of arsenic being found in rice. The naturally occurring trace element is found throughout  the world and people are exposed to it every day, the CRC report said.

"Many plants, including rice, take up this element as part of the growing process," the report stated.