Kansas farmers express concern about wheat crop

Kansas farmers increased hard red winter wheat plantings by 5% last fall but don't yet know how many acres they will be able to harvest.
The country's top wheat-growing state is dry and battling cold temperatures. Forecasts call for a warmer, drier spring, which is not beneficial to plants, according to Kansas Wheat, a farmers' group.

Farmers debate election impacts on ag

As the politicians and  pundits sort out  the results of Tuesday’s mid-term elections, farmers have begun to provide their own take on the historic balloting in which Republicans are expected to win at least 60 more U.S. House seats and erase the Democratic majority, as well as gain ground in the Senate.

The early views expressed in an forum suggest that farmers feel the results bode well for the country as a whole, and indirectly for agriculture.


Is new machinery a good investment?

"It seems there are two sides to this debate. Some farmers believe it's wise to trade every couple of years to keep machinery current and get the best return on your investment (i.e. tax strategy, increased efficiency (because of improved engines and new technologies on equipment), fewer breakdowns with newer equipment)," writes Laurie Potter, Deputy Machinery Editor for Successful Farming.


Yields up in the air, farmers say

Last week’s USDA monthly report kept farmers debating yield prospects for the 2010 crop, and left the market guessing the direction of the fall harvest.

Dog day afternoon

Follow down the road as checks crop progress & farm technology in Iowa & Missouri.

Ten top Internet highlights from InfoExpo

A highlight of the Agricultural Media Summit, being held this week in St. Paul, Minnesota, is InfoExpo, an exhibition for companies to show off their products and services to the media professionals who serve the nation’s farmers and ranchers.

This year, looked for new Web features being touted by exhibitors.