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Weather Outlook: Is Relief Coming to Soaked Fields?

July is here to bring us sunshine, county fairs, and carnivals. But some farmers are still in the fields working on planting or harvest they usually would have had done weeks ago. But June brought on record precipitation – two to three times the normal am


Weather Outlook: What's in Store for July?

Mother Nature is holding the control while farmers are holding their breath. Recent rains have pushed precipitation to twice their normal amounts in some areas, says Freese-Notis, Inc. senior meteorologist Dan Hicks. We’re looking at a pattern of less rai


Extended Flooding Could Wipe Out Soybean Crop

Farmers across the country are sharing photos of their fields under water, and the precipitation doesn’t seem to be letting up. While the bad luck seems to lie with those who have yet to plant their soybeans, the crops that are in the ground may be in a wo


Wet Weather = Prevented Planting Concerns

89.2 million of corn acres and a record-breaking 84.6 million soybean acres. Those are the numbers that were laid out in the USDA’s Prospective Plantings report on March 30, 2015. Combining that with the planting completion numbers from the June 8 Crop Pro


First Alfalfa Cutting Delayed? Inspect Fields First

Mother Nature seems to be doing everything she can to delay corn and soybean planting this year, but all of that rain and hail is also putting a damper on the first alfalfa harvest of the season. If you haven’t had the chance to get your first cutting, you


Summer Heat is Here! Are Your Cattle Ready?

Summer heat is rolling in, tempting people to turn on air conditioners and break out the iced tea makers for to keep from melting away. Don't take heat stress for granted, even in the early weeks of summertime. Now is the time to start implementing any and