I"m a born and raised farm girl and now I talk turkey (and chicken) as the Communications Director for the Minnesota Turkey Growers Association, Chicken and Egg Association of Minnesota and the Midwest Poultry Federation.


Women in Ag: Thanksgiving Is My Super Bowl!

It’s nearly Thankgiving — my Super Bowl, of sorts! I’ve spent the better part of several weeks working on projects for Minnesota Turkey Growers Association that offer new educational opportunities for people who want to learn more about turkey farming and about ways to create new opportunities for showcasing ideas for turkey preparation and the use of leftovers. Check these out.


Women In Ag: Turkey Tips for Thanksgiving

As you can probably imagine, I often get asked about what kind of turkey I buy for Thanksgiving along with tips for purchasing.
I’m very low maintenance—I buy a frozen bird at my local grocery store for whatever low price they offer at Thanksgiving. (Supermarkets almost always put turkey on sale in November to get folks into the store to buy other products for the Thanksgiving meal. It’s called being a “loss leader.”)

What's Up With Eggs These Days?

Given the choice of 99¢-per-dozen conventionally-raised eggs or $5.99-per-dozen cage-free eggs, which would you choose to buy for your family?

If you believe the announcements of many retail and restaurant chains pledging to go with all cage-free eggs, then your answer would be the $5.99 eggs. A very common thread in many of these cage-free announcements is that consumers are “demanding” cage-free eggs.

But is this really happening?


Women In Ag: Turkey Labels 101

In honor of fair time and all the useful information we can learn at these events, I thought I’d share a few turkey-related labels that we often see or hear about.


Ag is Really a Small World

Surely we all want many of the same things. Surely we can work together on many initiatives for the betterment of the U.S. food supply and our farmers.


What Do Consumers Really Want?

The good news: Consumers are hungry for information about food and farmers. The bad news: We in agriculture need to do better at reaching beyond the proverbial choir.


Women in Ag: Career Talk Is Needed

Recent studies show college graduates aren't aware of the multitude of career opportunities in agriculture, and most don't even consider agriculture as a career option.


Women in Ag: Thinking Spring Gardening and My Favorite Zinnias

I’m starting to get spring gardening fever now that it’s March and the temperatures have been warming up in Minnesota. Even though we'll likely see a few more cold days and even some snow, which is typical for my neck of the woods, this doesn’t stop me from perusing the gardening catalogs and websites to plan what I’m going to plant in May and June.