Watch Online: Why Farm Transitions Need a Woman's Leadership

Transition planning is optional ... kind of. If you don’t really value your family relationships and don’t mind if the farm continues in the family, then that may be true. For most women in ag, this is not the case. Preserving family and perpetuating a farm legacy are #1 and #2 in importance to many women. 


U.S. Acreage Loss Less Than Expected

The U.S. corn and soybean farmers suffered less acreage loss than first thought, according to the Farm Service Agency Wednesday.

The USDA agency announced the September 3 prevented planting numbers, including failed acres, for farmers who participate in U.S. crop subsidy programs. Prevented planting for corn is listed at 2.352 million acres, up from 2.301 million a month ago. Soybeans are reported at 2.219 million acres, up from 2.173 million. Wheat is also up slightly, at 0.696 million acres, compared to 0.693 million last month.