Trough gardening

Autumn Hofer planted the garden on her Bridgewater, South Dakota, farm in old troughs!

9 kids' gardening projects

Gardening is the perfect activity for parents and kids to do together. Children love digging in the dirt and watching their plants grow. Plus, they're more likely to eat their vegetables if they've actually grown them!


Farmers fighting the flood

As the rising Missouri River closes in on the small southwest Iowa town of Hamburg, local farmers are taking matters into their own hands.

On June 5, a breech or "boil" occurred in the levee along the Missouri River a few miles south of Hamburg, in Atchison County, Missouri, near Bob Woltemath's farm. Basically, the water began running through the bottom of the levee, causing a 10- to 15-foot long section to collapse on itself. The collapse did stop the flow of water from the river, but the levee was compromised.