Becoming a Caregiver

Whether it happens over time or in an instant, caring for an aging parent can be stressful. These tips can help ease the transition.


165 Cows, 1 Deer

It was an ordinary November day when Kari McKay went to check the cows on her farm in eastern Washington, but what she found when she got to the pasture was anything but ordinary.


Goat Yoga

Lainey Morse has turned Goat Yoga into a business that has people all over the world clamoring for reservations on her Oregon farm.

Family and Food

It’s amazing how food really connects us. Families pass recipes down from generation to generation like jewels. Certain foods remind us of loved ones or of places or special times in our lives. Food is more than just sustenance; it’s a way to remember family. What do you do when someone has lost a family member? You bring food because it shows you care.

One food that bonds my extended family together is apples. A few years ago, my dad’s first cousin, John Foust, passed away unexpectedly. He was a CPA with a law degree, but he never lost his passion for his ag roots.