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Stronger Dollar, Less U.S. Soybean Exports?

When the U.S. Federal Reserve announced it would ease its stimulus program and by sometime raise interest rates, that decision brought several changes to the general outlook of the world's economy. The U.S. dollar, according to some analysts, tends to be stronger around the world. In the case of South America, the top America competitor at the international grain supply, currencies may devalue even more because of local issues. 


Is A U.S. Sorghum Comeback In Store?

The USDA reveals that China imported a volume of 84,000 tons of sorghum in 2011/2012. Just two years later, during the 2013/2014, the Asian giant imported 3.4 million tons.


Brazilians Ready Planters for New Soybean Season

PORTO ALEGRE, Brazil ( may sound surprising for some in the U.S., but farmers in Brazil will increase the soybean area and expect a new record crop, according to producers attending this week's ag expo in the southern part of the country.

For the 2014/15 crop season that starts this month, Celeres consultancy puts an early forecast of production of 91.35 million tons of soybeans. This would be a 6% hike compared to the current crop.


Argentina's Farmers Sit on Wall of Soybeans

Argentina has sold approximately US$ 10.1 billion in grains so far this year, according to data from the Center of Cereal Exporters of the country. But the country's farmers are still sitting on nearly twice that amount, with no intentions of selling anytime soon.

In stocks, there is an approximate value of US$ 19 billion in soybeans, and the sales of that amount are not seen on the horizon.