FarmHer: Speaking Up, Speaking Out

In recent months, we have seen many difficult issues surrounding women bubble to the surface. Stories of mistreatment from boardrooms to Hollywood, and even the farm field, rocked our world. Women everywhere began to find solidarity in sharing their stories.

As a result, a sweeping change seems to be under way, from politics to corporations. As a woman, this outcry makes me proud, but it also makes me wonder, where do I go from here? I don’t think this is an issue of men vs. women or a declaration of feminism, but rather an issue of how we treat each other as human beings. 


FarmHer: You Can Change Your Story

Five years ago this month, I became a quitter. Up until then, I had navigated a successful 11-year-long career in corporate agriculture. I had climbed that ladder as fast and furiously as I could.  

Despite the success of being a young woman in that role, I felt like I had to work harder, faster, and smarter just to prove myself. I felt that doubly after coming back to work from having my children. The promise of a higher salary, more stability, and respect from my peers was always in my sights – until the day it wasn’t.