Cattle Rally: Be Ready to Capture It

Cattle futures have come to life yet again. Demand, and demand alone, is the sole reason for higher prices. Domestic and export demands are solid as packers gear up for holiday needs. At the end of October, beef prices increased substantially suggesting boxed beef prices on Friday, October 27, closing at $203.30. This is the highest beef market since early August.


Why Corn Prices Continue to Consolidate

Sick of these corn prices stuck in a rut for NINE months? Yes, it HAS been that long. This corn price is seriously STUCK at a 35¢ cent trading range since October 2016! What gives? Part one, as you very well know, is the overall fact that the U.S. grew a record crop in 2016. Ending stocks have been more than ample since harvest. Even though farmers are still moving old-crop corn sitting in bins since fall, for the time being, there is plenty of corn available in the U.S. and around the world.   


Marketing Without Emotion

Marketing your grain can be an emotional roller-coaster. Let’s take the emotion out of the equation and explore historical trends.