A Visit to the Hog Market

Did you notice the rally that the hog complex experienced
during the month of June? Live hog
prices surged 18% year-to-date and about 40% since bottoming out in late March.


Why does THAT affect the price of grain?

We've all said it. We've all wondered it. "Seriously? Why
does what's happening in Europe's economy affect the price of corn in my
backyard?" Or perhaps you've heard an analyst on TV talk about the economy
in China, the value of the U.S. dollar, interest rates, or any number of
outside market factors that have swayed the price of a commodity higher or

If only things could be simplified. But in a global
marketplace, simplified just does not seem possible anymore.


The swinging pendulum

As promised in an earlier writing, in the coming months we
will break down possible scenarios regarding outside market influences that can drastically affect the price of commodity futures -- things other than general
supply-and-demand factors.

By looking at and understanding how these outside market
factors can shape and influence the price of grains or livestock, you can
ultimately assist your own awareness in long-term scenario planning, which
ultimately leads to your successful commodity pricing.


2013 corn price potential

Wondering about your 2013 corn and whether to price or not?
You're not alone. Right now you can likely forward contract and receive close
to a $6.00 cash price for fall delivery, and for many of you, that's close to
$1.00 profit on your acres.


Frozen or fresh dinner?

When was the last time you ate a frozen TV dinner?  If you've had one lately, you're probably
well aware of how convenient they are -- just place in the oven or microwave.  Separate compartments house different
components of the entrée, and after a few minutes, these nuked delicacies are
ready to savor. The tray holds everything from corn to beef roast to a brownie
for dessert. Delicious! Or so some folks say.


Tell Your Story, Share Your Passion

have always had a passion for educating women about farm markets, mostly
because so many women feel like the lone corn stalk in a field of soybeans when
talking about the markets in a largely male-dominated field.


A mom's response to market stress

With the wild market swings that can occur on nearly a daily
level, it's hard to know for sure when to pull the trigger on making sales.
Volatility can be gut wrenching and can leave a person feel like they are like
a yo-yo -- up and down quickly and at times out of control. It doesn't matter
what market a producer is looking at, whether it's the milk, corn, crude oil or
stock market. Every market is a lot more volatile these days. Markets normally
taking weeks or months to move 2%-5% are now making those types of moves in a


Is USDA right? Be prepared either way

You know what? I'm going to go out on a limb and declare the
USDA report wrong. This last USDA report kept corn ending stocks for the U.S. unchanged
at 801 million bushels. Trade isn't buying it. Me either. Most analysts are still
using between 570-740 million bushels as the true U.S. old crop corn carryout versus
the USDA's recent announcement of 801 million bushels.