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12 Essential Farm Tools

Successful Farming’s Machinery Editor, Dave Mowitz, and Advanced Technology Editor, Laurie Bedord, have selected 12 cool tools you’ll want on your farm.


Nebraska Farmers Design and Build Top Shop

In 2008, Mike Korth of Randolph, Nebraska, began his dream of building his own top shop. The three-year project turned into a unique 72x85-foot shop and storage layout.

Korth built the shop with farmhand Andrew Olson, who grew up without a shop. Building the shop with Korth allowed the pair to incorporate the features they both desired into the design.

From Feedlot to Famed Fun

It’s a real-life Field of Dreams, only with tennis instead of baseball. Iowa farmer Mark Kuhn’s love affair with tennis began in 1960, as he listened to his grandfather’s shortwave radio.

“One day we listened to the BBC broadcast of Wimbledon,” Kuhn says. “We liked the accent and the way the game was scored. With all the tradition amongst Wimbledon, my interest in tennis grew.”

His mother used S&H green stamps to purchase a tennis racket, which led him to play in high school and college.


Farming From Afar With Cropio

Monitoring and managing thousands of acres can be a challenge. Now, imagine doing that on ground more than 5,600 miles away. 

“I grow corn, soybeans, potatoes, wheat, flax, and peas in Russia, the Philippines, and in Ghana, Africa,” says Shane Peed, who lives in Fort Dodge, Iowa. “I was tracking production and equipment in 60 to 80 fields using an Excel spreadsheet, but it wasn’t efficient from afar.”