How to manage BRD

With outbreaks of bovine respiratory disease (BRD) in calves a persistent threat in cow/calf and feedlot operations, tweaking management and treatment protocols is ongoing.

“Bovine respiratory disease accounts for 90% of our health problems,” says David Trowbridge, feedlot manager for Gregory Feedlots, Tabor, Iowa. “The most vulnerable cattle are calves under 1 year that are subjected to any kind of stress such as long hauls.”


How's canola-based biodiesel perform?

Tractor engines fueled by canola biodiesel have performed well at North Dakota State University’s North Central Research Extension Center.

“The fuel is user-friendly, and it has hardly any odor,” says research specialist Gary Willoughby. No changes in the engine are needed to burn canola biofuel. One tractor has been running on 100% canola biodiesel for seven years. The 12-year-old machine has an 80-hp., four-cylinder, turbocharged engine.


Canola's biodiesel advantage

While economic and legislative issues affecting biodiesel have taken center stage, canola growers wait in the wings. They expect to play a greater role in the biodiesel scene, as issues relating to the economy, land use, and fuel mandates are resolved.

In 2009, before the rebound in oil prices last year, and in 2011, canola biodiesel suffered from the same economic pressures on the general biodiesel market.