A Venture Capitalist Looks at Genomics in Agriculture

While interest in genetics is on the rise in various industries, many agriculture industry pundits, entrepreneurs, and investors wrongfully assume genomics isn’t investible in agriculture. Sadly, only a handful of genomics companies (e.g., Hi Fidelity Genetics, a Finistere Ventures portfolio company; NRGene; RAPiD Genomics; and Spiral Genetics) are actively pursuing innovations in agriculture. This is a monumental mistake — a mistake that could prevent countless brilliant geneticists and technology innovators from exploring the emerging opportunities in agriculture.


After The Next Big Thing in Ag Tech

Written by Brian David Johnson, Futurist

People spend a lot of time thinking about the next big thing. Usually this is some new technology that will come along and change the entire industry and world as we know it. Wall Street investors and Silicon Valley venture capitalists are obsessed with it. They believe that if they can just figure out what the next big thing will be, then they’ll be able to call it before the rest of us, and that this will prepare them for the future.

There’s one problem. The future doesn’t work like that. 


Successful Farming Television: The Kingma Shop

Dave Mowitz travels to DeMotte, Indiana, to take a look at a feature-rich shop on the Kingma farm in Top Shops. SF Engineman, Ray Bohacz is back to give us tips on air conditioning units. Then Dave Mowitz travels to a Ritchie Bros. auction in search of a 2014 John Deere S680 Combine.

On All Around the Farm, we visit Earl Tester to learn about his V-Blade Ditcher, then we visit Kourtney Fred to see her Silver King.