Setting Carburetors for Peak Operation

My previous carburetor adventures with Cork Groth of the Tractor Trauma Center have led me to the point of mounting the newly rebuilt apparatus on the engine, hooking up the linkage and gas line, and giving it a try. 

Groth took me outside to his pet tractor, an unexciting Model B Deere that he lovingly calls Wimpy B. He employs the tractor to adjust newly rebuilt carburetors prior to sending them to customers. His unpainted and bedraggled-looking mechanical friend provides a ready platform to demonstrate a few points about fine-tuning a carburetor.


Safer, Cheaper Soy Solvents

Cleaning parts just got a lot safer – and you can thank farmers for that.

Until recently, your choices of parts washer solvents included products like trichloroethylene (TCE), perchloroethylene (Perc), methylene chloride (MeCL), mineral spirits, and toluene. Beyond the fact that some of these solvents are difficult to pronounce, they have the additional drawbacks of being hazardous to health and environmentally unfriendly.


Evaluating Diesel Engines

Many well-cared-for diesels can run in excess of 7,000 hours and still have lots of life left in them. But beware of signs of abuse, poor maintenance, and unorthodox repairs when evaluating an engine.