Replacing and Reviving Rubber

When it comes to tires, not many people are as fortunate as Papillion, Nebraska, collector Ron Maeder.

Maeder agreed to purchase a 1952 Cockshutt 20 from a man in South Carolina with the stipulation that the seller could keep the new tires that he had recently bought and put the old tires back on. However, to Maeder’s surprise, the old tires actually had the name “Cockshutt” molded into them. 

Even if such tires do have a little damage, they can often be refurbished with a little rubber putty, tire paint, or tire liners.


Sleuthing Serial Number Secrets

A crucial step when restoring a tractor is taking the time to discover the history behind the machine. That research can, for example, put a value on the machine. 

Is It Cost Effective?
“One of the problems with tractor restoration these days is it’s just not cost effective anymore if you have to hire somebody to do it,” admits Gary Prissel, who operates under the name The Tractor Doctor in Mondovi, Wisconsin. 


Looks Are Deceiving in Ageless Iron Collectibles

Learn about subtle differences or unique features that might make one tractor more collectible than another. Or, perhaps more important, how to avoid paying too much for something that isn’t what the seller claims even if the misrepresentation is unintenti