Irrigation addition = $500/acre payoff

Six years ago, Joel Armistead was suffering from a second year of drought. The cropland around his farm in Adairville, Kentucky, showed the results of lack of rain. That is, except for one field.


A refresher course in strip till

Brian Clark and his brothers have been sold on strip-till since they started using it in the late 1980s. In fact, while some producers limit strip-till to corn on bean stubble, these Illinois farmers have been using a pair of machines in the fall following


The masters of retrofit

There aren’t many John Deere 9500 Series combines equipped like the Taylors’ of Russiaville, Indiana. Brothers Bill and Dick farm about 800 acres with their father, Lewis, and they’ve added a lot of technology the last few years.

Their combine has been retrofitted with Calmer BT chopper rolls, adjustable deck plates, a GreenStar AutoTrac assisted-steering system, AutoTrac RowSense, Headsight automatic header height control, and a TSR straw chopper. Their 12-row John Deere 7000 planter features even more modifications.