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Avoid the Nitrogen Guessing Game With In-Season Nitrogen Management Tools

"While Mother Nature is both a friend and a foe to farmers, data is the great equalizer," says Wade Barnes, CEO of Farmers Edge.

With many experiencing higher-than-average precipitation last fall and winter, and substantial rain in early spring, farmers will need to tap into data from their fields to accurately manage nitrogen on their corn acres throughout the 2019 growing season.

“After all of the moisture we’ve had, how much nitrogen is left is a bit of a question mark because not all soils behave the same in precipitation events,” says Jamie Denbow, global digital ag lead, Farmers Edge.

That’s also why it’s important to apply this nutrient as needed in season. Nitrogen management tools are designed to take the guesswork out of this critical application.

Farmers Edge N-Manager

Offering automated daily or on-demand updates, the Farmers Edge N-Manager, which is integrated within the FarmCommand platform, provides farmers with highly specific nitrogen data on a field or zone-by-zone basis. The tool not only looks at a field as a block, but also considers all of the different areas within that field and its varying production capabilities. The tool then analyzes what the nitrogen losses were over the winter and continues to analyze losses throughout the growing season.

With integrated access to on-farm weather data, daily satellite imagery, automated crop health change detection, and accurate predictive crop models, Denbow says it's truly a field-centric tool.

Once the first simulation runs, the system automatically updates every 24 hours.

Iowa farmer Tanner Lawton used N-Manager across all of his fields in 2018. By sitting down with a Farmers Edge agronomist to map yield goals and taking a customized approach for each zone, he saw a significant yield increase.

“Farmers Edge allows me to analyze information much more in depth and to put all of the pieces of the puzzle together at the same time,” Lawton says. “It’s been time and money well spent.”

Because the company's agronomists work with farmers to capture and input the necessary information in their accounts, farmers don’t have to be data entry clerks. “Our agronomists have been trained to make sure it is entered accurately,” Denbow says.

When farmers open the crop planner for the first time, they simply verify the crop, hybrid, planting population, planting date, row spacing, and seed depth.

N-Manager free for 2019

Because farmers are faced with another challenging year, the company is offering its N-Manager tool at no cost to new and existing Farmers Edge customers who grow corn this season.

“We want to make that investment in our customer’s profitability,” Denbow says. “Nitrogen is the most difficult nutrient to manage because it’s so mobile in the soil. This tool makes a complicated nutrient easy to understand and manage.”

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