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BASF offers Xarvio Field Manager free of charge to farmers for 2020 season

This digital agriculture tool will help farmers maintain operations when in-person contact is limited.

BASF will offer its digital agriculture tool Xarvio Field Manager for free to U.S. and Canadian farmers for the 2020 season. BASF officials say Xarvio Field Manager offers crop-production solutions that allow farmers to monitor their fields through digital tools. 

Xarvio came to BASF as part of divestments that Bayer Crop Science made in its 2018 purchase of Monsanto.

“We did have existing capability, but it (the Xarvio acquisition) certainly expanded that massively,” says Paul Rea, senior vice president for BASF’s Agriculture Solutions. “We have a larger team of digital experts that have successfully already brought products to marketplace in other parts of the world. It is well established in Europe and growing quickly. Now, we’re bringing that technology to the U.S.”

He says the Xarvio platform will enable BASF to bring products to market faster and expand capabilities it formerly did not have. 

BASF officials say this digital solution will help farmers maintain their operations with as little impact as possible, says BASF officials.

“Especially now, farmers can benefit greatly by using digital tools to monitor their fields and stay connected with their staff and agronomy advisers when in-person contact and travel are limited,” said Warren Bills, regional commercialization lead for BASF Digital Farming Solutions, in a BASF press release. “Farmers and advisers can gain greater efficiency when utilizing digital agronomy tools and recommendations to grow healthy crops, and we’re glad to offer our technology free of charge this growing season to farmers in North America.”

Xarvio Field Manager is a digital crop optimization platform and mobile app offering field- and field-zone-specific real-time information and recommendations on how to produce crops most efficiently, say BASF officials. They add that this solution gives farmers further access to timing and variable-rate map applications in various crops for weed, disease, and better pest management. 

Especially valuable is the new data exchange and cross-farm dashboard feature, which allows farmers and advisers to better collaborate within Xarvio Field Manager without the need for in-person meetings, say BASF officials. These features are also available in the Xarvio app for mobile devices. 

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