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Bushel's acquisition of FarmLogs complements its strategic focus to lead ag into the digital age

Bushel has announced it has purchased FarmLogs. The partnership will create a stronger digital connection between growers, commodity buyers, ag retailers, and consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies. It also complements Bushel’s strategic focus to lead the ag industry into the digital age with strategies that solve real pain points and provide value for all stakeholders across the ag and food supply chain.

“By bringing the capabilities of FarmLogs to Bushel’s platform, we elevate the digital relationship across the grain supply chain,” says Jake Joraanstad, CEO and  co-founder of Bushel. “We’re two independent companies committed to being agnostic of specific agribusiness products and services that may impact how we can best support the food supply chain with secure, permissioned data transparency and future stewardship and fintech offerings.”  

Significant amounts of manual data entry into the FarmLogs’ platform will be eliminated by the acquisition. Bushel can help grain facilities instantly share digital scale tickets and cash bid information with producers, while also giving them greater control over who they want to share personal data with. 

In time, FarmLogs data will automatically attach to grain data within the Bushel platform as grain leaves the farm. This “grain passport” will ease enrollment and automate verification of programs such as identity preservation, crop insurance, and sustainability.   

“As we look to the future of innovation in agriculture, one thing is very clear: automatically gathering data and enabling properly-permissioned connections can make farmers more productive,” says Jesse Vollmar, co-founder of FarmLogs and VP of Farm Strategy at Bushel. “We believe that by seamlessly building FarmLogs user experience on top of the Bushel platform, and into the Bushel ecosystem, we can bring value to growers and their value chain partners that they can’t find anywhere else.”

The acquisition will help Bushel accomplish three key objectives.

• Connecting field to truck with enhanced data security. The pairing of two independent software companies with a strong customer base enables Bushel to set a standard of data connectivity throughout the grain supply chain while still maintaining the customer’s ability to control his data through proper permission and security controls.

• Strengthen the digital infrastructure. By standardizing and connecting data in the “siloed middle”, businesses will save on manual effort, time, and expense. Through secure, proven, and easy to use products and services, it will strengthen the relationships between growers and agribusinesses.

• Facilitate a sustainable future. Because on-farm practices will be verified from field to CPG, and ultimately to the consumer, sustainability opportunities will increase for growers and grain facilities alike.

FarmLogs will retain its brand name, and its employees will join the Bushel team.

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