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Farm Ponds Across The Midwest

  • Indiana Paradise

    “It's going to be a good day, here on the good Earth,” shares Trent Burris of Centerville, Indiana.

  • North Dakota Landscape Beauty

    Kay Kreklau of North Dakota shot this image of her farm pond located at their farm’s entrance.

  • Tennessee Sunsets

    Laurie Whiteley of Collierville, Tennessee, captured a gorgeous sunset on her farm pond.

  • Farm Dogs

    “Our dog Trigger hunting on our freshly mowed pond island next to the cherry orchard!” Jessica Karius shares.

  • A Green Countryside

    Mark Benda shares, “This picture taken from the road shows our 80-acre farm. The farm supports rainbow trout in the pool fed by a spring. Beyond the pool you can see a field of aronia berry bushes.”   

  • Illinois Clouds

    A stunning Illinois sunset over the pond, shared by Steven McKenzie of Bunker Hill.

  • Fresh Cut Grass

    Marie Hartman shares, “A peaceful and relaxing retreat after a long day of grass cutting.”

  • Country Peace

    “So very blessed,” says Sherry Henderson of her Kentucky farm pond.

  • Nebraska Ponds

    A new farm pond near Fremont, Nebraska, shot by Tamara Tanner.

  • Fishing and Farming Bliss

    “Taking a few moments for some early morning fishing before heading out to plant crops on this well cared for 130-acre 4th generation far,” shares Indianapolis farmer, Brian Hartman.

  • Summertime Delight

    Randy Hampsten of Greenup, Illinois, shares, “This is a 5th generation farm of corn and soybeans. The marina is complete with summer kitchen and waterslide for the kids.”

  • Bales of Beauty

    Amos and Debbie Richie of Rensselaer, Indiana, capture “Beauty in Our Own Backyard.”

Farmers across the Midwest share stunning photos of their farm ponds. 

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