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Rainbows Over The U.S.

  • Illinois Tranquility

    "This photo was taken by our granddaughter Jorden while she was jogging along our sesquicentennial farm. Jorden is the sixth generation on our family farm that was homesteaded in 1840," shares Darlene Brooks of Forreston, Illinois. 

  • Minnesota Nice

    Sherry Trahms of Janesville, Minnesota, shares, "A spring rain and warm sunshine created a double rainbow over our farm in southern Minnesota. The young corn and soybeans benefited from the moisture. The rainbows were an added bonus!"

  • A California Calm

    "Our little homestead after a spring storm," says John Lawson of Redding, California, who captured this image. 

  • Iowa Fields of Bales and Bows

    Lori Shrock comments: "A beautiful fall morning. We were graced with a rainbow in the western sky after the blessing of rain near Kalona, Iowa!"

  • A Blessed Barn

    "Our barn was built in 1925 and sits on our Centennial Farm that's been in the family since 1874. The barn has housed dairy cattle, beef cattle, hogs, and it's still in use today," says Lori Hensler, who took the photo. 

  • Scenic New York

    Jennifer Heagy captured a double rainbow near Wheeler, New York. 

  • Bows of Bliss

    "A simple life is a beautiful life, but nothing is more breath taking than a rainbow after a spring rain. Farming isn't just an occupation, it's a way of life," shares Kyle Wichman of Baileyville, Illinois. 

  • Pot of Gold

    Danese Smithson shares, "There really is treasure at the end of the rainbow!"

  • Michigan Countryside

    "A double rainbow appeared over Risky Endeavor Dairy during a mid-day rainfall. We thought the double rainbow was a sign of double good luck for our farm," says Dave Tolan of Ossineke, Michigan.  

  • New Hampshire Harmony

    Jon Price of Gilamonton, New Hampshire shares a photo of a rainbow over Price Family Farm. 

  • Illinois Spring

    Chelsea Greuel captured a shot of the Greuel Family Farm located in Green Creek, IL. "It has been in my family for three generations beginning with my great-grandfather in 1934. My father currently operates the farm where we raise beef cattle and plant wheat and grain. As I took this picture of a rainbow after a spring rain, I liked to think of it as my ancestors smiling down on our family farm," she shares. 

  • Wisconsin Weather

    "A propitious springtime combination," shot by Karen Fischer of Stoddard, Wisconsin. 

  • South Dakota Serenity

    "After the April shower," shared by Craig Sommers of Aberdeen, South Dakota. 

  • Tractor = Gold

    Steve and Deb Rocker of Walton, Nebraska, share "Sunrise Farms - home of somewhere under the rainbow."

  • A Serene New York

    "This is the Country Vista Farms. I am the fourth generation on this farm. This house and barns were built in 1849. After this rainbow, I am still looking for 'the pot of gold' in the barn," captured by Glenn Walck of Sanborn, New York. 

  • Pennsylvania Peace

    "Our cows and calves on our 125 acre farm in the Chesapeake Bay watershed. This farm has been in our family since 1868 for six generations," shot by Charles Hubler of Philipsburg, Pennsylvania. 

  • Illinois Farmstead

    Carla Mickey of Taylorville, Illinois, shares "God's beauty reflects on the farm after the storm."

The calm after the storm.

Farmers across the U.S. share photos of wondrous rainbows over their farmsteads. 

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