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HTS Ag Acquires Aeration Management Solutions

The acquisitions continue as precision technology company HTS Ag acquires Aeration Management Solutions (AMS). AMS handles the sales, installation, and service of OPI Integris Advanced Grain Management Systems and CMC Industrial Electronics Hazard Monitoring (HazMon). It is headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Located in Harlan, Iowa, HTS Ag has been offering the OPI System to its customers since 2009 and the HazMon since 2014. 

“HTS Ag is excited about the privilege to serve AMS’s customers as well as the opportunity to grow our customer base in the eastern Corn Belt,” says Adam Gittins, general manager of HTS Ag.

“The success of our business has been due to the support of our valued customers. I’ve taken care to ensure the new ownership has the same philosophy regarding the value of sound grain-management solutions, product education, and customer service,” says AMS owner Carolyn Doleful.

For more information, contact HTS Ag at 800/741-3305 or visit

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